Atari Will be back with AtariBox [AiX]




Wow ! If you are from Europe, you remember the Atari VCS2600 system back from 1980. That was like hottest 8-Bit Pre-Era System and we loved all the games that came with … Pac Man, Asteroids, Defender, Adventure, and and and.

Now after decades of absence, Atari has announced its plans to get back into the console business. Atari was once dominating the gaming industry, but left the gaming market when the videogame crash happened in 1983. During the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a strong competitor with it’s 16-Bit system Atari ST to Commodore’s Amiga series.

The stock value is already rising, its market capitalization currently is just 55 Mio. US$.

It will be interesting once AtariBox is released, where the company is heading.




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